30 Minute Treatment                                                $66

Stress Fix Back Facial Treatment


30 Minute Treatment                                                $66

Back Facial Treatment

AVEDA Body Polish Treatment

Focused on the hard to reach area, your back!  This treatment cleanses, exfoliates and extracts blemishes along with a soothing steam treatment, hydrating mask and moisturizing massage.  Relax and enjoy the result of smoother, hydrated skin.

A professional exfoliation treatment that uses a customized variety of body care products and aromas.  Unclog follicles and pores to improve skins clarity and color, additionally moisturizers penetrate improving the feel and texture of your skin.

Caribbean Therapy Back Facial Treatment

an AVEDA Concept Salon & Spa

Proven to reduce feelings of stress using the AVEDA Stress Fix Aroma, formulated with certified organic lavender, lavandin and clary sage. Stress Fix Composition Oil is first used to prep the sin while massaging and moisturizing with a blend of sunflower and jojoba seed oils, both certified organic.  Next the Stress Fix Soaking salts are combined with Aqua Therapy salts and used to exfoliate and smooth the skin.  Finally we finish with the ultra-rich Stress Fix Body crème to soften and protect the skin.  Less stress is a breath away!

Soak up the Caribbean.  This is an aromatic concentration of sea salt and sugar cane with aromas of amyris, bay, vetiver and lime to rejuvenate spirit and skin.  When mixed with the self-warming Seaweed Masque containing mineral rich se salt, and a combination of brown and red algaes, the masque softens, smooths and exfoliates skin while removing impurities leaving skin looking and feeling more toned.

45 Minute Treatment                                           $75
Customized work on the back and limbs.

75 Minute Treatment                                           $95

Customized work on the back and limbs, with

the addition of hand, foot or shoulder massage.

30 Minute Treatment                                                $60