All Prices are subject to change due to hair density, texture and length.

Perm                                                                         $102+

Awaken your scalp & restore damaged hair with a customized treatment.

Experience customizable AVEDA color that is 96% naturally derived.

Precision Hair Cut & Style

an AVEDA Concept Salon & Spa

Partial Foil                                                                   $77+

Full Foil                                                                        $97+

AVEDA Colour                                                            $72+

AVEDA Glossing Shine                                           $62+

​AVEDA Men's Grey Blending                               $35+

AVEDA cutting technique, Stress relief ritual, Shampoo, Blow dry and Style.

Ombre                                                          Priced Upon Consultation

Balayage                                                       Priced Upon Consultation

Fashion Colors                                            Priced Upon


Botanical Penetrating  Treatment                           $40+

PRAMASANA  Scalp Treatment                                $25+

Colour Pre-treatment Hair Therapy                       $30+

Hair Treatments a La Carte

Naturally Derived Hair Colour

Add permanent curl and texture to the hair.

Women’s Haircut                                                      $43+

Men’s Haircut                                                            $35+

Kid’s Haircut – Under 10 Years                           $30+

Shampoo and Style                                                   $35+

Specialty Colour Services

Advanced colour techniques listed below are offered with our senior stylists only and require a complimentary consultation prior to service.  Please know these looks may require  more than one service to achieve your desired result and can be  high maintenance.