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  19980 10th Avenue Suite 102, Poulsbo WA 98370
Massage Services
Relax $70/60 min - $95/90min
A relaxing treatment featuring Swedish massage to melt your stress and tension away, with aromatherapy.
Relax Packages $300 (5) pre-paid 60min massages. $50 savings!
  $255 (3) pre-paid 90min massages. $30 savings!
Deep Tissue $80/60min - $105/90min
A firmer massage that focuses on specific problem areas using a variety of massage techniques to promote a change in the body.
Deep Tissure Packages $375 (5) pre-paid 60min massages. $25 savings!
  $300 (3) pre-paid 90min massages. $15 savings!
Pregnancy $75/60min
Lower your stress and relax to enjoy this special time, featuring pregnancy safe sidelying massage.
Pregnancy Package $350 (5) pre-paid 60min massages. $25 savings!
Hot Stone $95/75min - $110/90min
The addition of heated stones to a Swedish massage to enhance the nerve $20 response to touch.
Hot Stone Package $500 (5) pre-paid 90min massages
Immune Booster & Detox Body Wrap $120/90min
Using heat and AVEDA essential oils to boost your circulation improving immune system and allowing your body to expel toxins. Begins with dry exfoliation to prepare body for better absorption and awaken the nerves, liberally applying customized AVEDA essential oils and hot stones while wrapping the body in warmth.
Lymphatic $25/15min
Manual Lymphatic Drainage works to clear the lymph of built up toxins boosting immune system, allowing lymph to flow through the body. Perfect for relieving sinus pressure while preparing for cold season and relieving inflammation from injured areas.
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